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Sense Pro 16 Advanced: Protect Your Shops, Pubs, Factories, Night Clubs and Employees at Work

16 High Quality HD Cameras Fitted

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Businesses that require the best surveillance deserve HD quality cameras for evidence gathering purposes. Why would you install low lost cameras in areas where the public could a crime and you don’t get their faces?

At Sense CCTV you can find just that, CCTV systems that perform to their full potential and do their job well. 

Trust Sense for the best security systems fully installed for our clients so that they can be able to have a measure of control of their own security and profits. We offer the Sense Pro 16 CCTV system which has been designed using advanced technology. What you get with this system.

Business System: £7500 in VAT

  • One 16 Channel DVR with 16 channels
  • One pre-installed 4TB HDD for up to 3 months recording
  • 16 x Super HD Cameras
  • 30m with Night Vision on infrared LED's
  • H.264 with the latest recording technology
  • HDMI Output for monitor
  • Transfer evidence to USB flash drive
  • Web / Smartphone with remote viewing and playback
  • 3 Year warranty

CCTV System Specifications

The Sense Pro 16 camera CCTV system has a 16 channel video recorder. The video recorder can record in real time and the quality is very high. An extra ordinary thing about this CCTV system is that it is suitable to use all year round. It is weatherproof which means it can still work during winter when it is very cold and also during the summer when it is very hot.

The system is thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Footage is very clear during the night as it is during the day. The cameras have a powerful night vision feature which allows the user to view activities taking place 25 meters away. The cameras also have a nice viewing angle.

The system also has a pre-installed hard drive with a capacity of 1 terabyte. All the footage captured by the cameras will be saved on this hard drive. If there is a need to increase the capacity, then you have the option of upgrading the hard drive to 2 terabytes.

Our systems are very efficient as they help you save space on your hard disk by capturing activities only when motion is detected by the cameras.

With these features in place, you will easily track down criminals or suspects and you will definitely be able to give detailed evidence of any criminal acts performed on your premises.

Planning On Site

We have been in the industry for 10 years and thus have experience regarding installation of the system. We use this experience to benefit you by advising you on the best locations to install the cameras so that you can be able to get a wider view of the premises and capture the most important activities.

LCD Monitor

You will require a monitor to view any footage captured by the CCTV cameras. If you have your own flat screen TV, then we can work with that as long as it has a VGA or HDMI port and have internet access. We offer an adapter which we use to connect your TV with the CCTV system. The connection is made possible via WiFi. With these provisions, monitoring your premises will be much easier since you can also do it when you have traveled out of town.

See Your Cameras Anywhere

Sense CCTV

If you have access to a web browser or a smartphone that is 3G/4G enabled, then you can easily view activities taking place in your premises from wherever you are. If you do not have a HD TV, then you can get one from us.The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) enables you to view footage remotely and we set up this feature for you free of charge.

Training On Site

Since we will not be around your premises all the time, we feel that we should educate you and also all our clients on how to operate the system. Some of the things that we teach our clients after installation of the system include how to add devices to the system so that you can use the devices to monitor your premises remotely.

Additionally, we also teach our clients how to toggle from one camera to another, how to copy files to a disk, how to download files to your USB flash drive and also how to watch the footage on your monitor.

Even when you have the most advanced security system, it means nothing if it is not installed properly. Why should you choose Sense to install your system for you?

We have 10 years of experience in the industry and thus know how to effectively install the system in a way that suits the client's needs and preferences. We also use this experience to make sure that your system is well maintained so that it can continue working efficiently as you keep getting value for your money.

Our team consists of well-trained professionals who will ensure that everything is set up perfectly and that you are well trained so that you can get the best out of your system. We are considerate of our clients. Out of respect and good habits, we always clean up after ourselves before we leave the premises after installation.

Any mess that we make will be cleaned up before we leave and we also come with our own dustbins.

Our installations are very tidy and you will not see any wires dangling carelessly. Everything will be well arranged to make your premises look neat and presentable.

What is included in the 16 channel/16 camera CCTV system?

  • Operating instructions
  • Power adapters
  • Ethernet cable
  • BNC cables
  • 16 PRO-642 cameras
  • USB Mouse
  • Mounting screws and plugs
  • Remote control
  • Pre-installed hard drive
  • 4 theft deterrent stickers
  • Software CD
  • HDMI cable

If need be, the contents of the product can change.

There are a few things that are not included in our standard installation services. They include:

  • Ongoing maintenance which is a paid service
  • Extra distance lenses
  • LCD monitor which is optional
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras
  • Camera housing
  • Monitor brackets and accessories

Benefits of Using Sense Security Systems

  • They are of high quality and work in all types of weather
  • They come with a full year maintenance cover
  • They are delivered fast

If you would like to get more information on our 16 camera CCTV system, feel free to contact us. Our customer care team is always willing to help you in any way possible so that you can get what you need. You will definitely get value for your money when you combine our high quality products and cost effective installation services.

You can contact us on 0800 689 0159 to hire us or for inquiries. We offer our services in various cities including Perth, Lanarkshire, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Edinburgh, all through Scotland and various areas in northern England.

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