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Sense Pro 4: A Great Home HD CCTV System with 1.3MP 1080P and a 20m Day/Night View

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1.3mp CCTV home camera day time

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4 High Quality HD Cameras Fitted

At sense CCTV we know the importance of having a reliable security system in your premises. Sense CCTV have more than ten years of experience in installing surveillance systems. We have been fully insured to offer the installation services.

First, before we embark on the installation services we will assess the landscape of the area where you will like to have the surveillance system before we suggest the best system.

Home System: £800

  • One 4 Channel DVR with 4 channels
  • One pre-installed 1TB HDD for up to one month recording
  • 4 x HD Cameras
  • 20m with Night Vision on infrared LED's
  • H.264 with the latest recording technology
  • HDMI Output for monitor
  • Transfer evidence to USB flash drive
  • Web / Smartphone with remote viewing and playback
  • 2 Year warranty

As a company we will ensure we have offered you the bet installation services which will ensure the system produce optimum results. You will never regret after you let us work on your system. Here are some of the tasks that we will carry out to ensure you have the best 4 Channel/4 Camera CCTV System in place:

Full 4 Camera System Installation

Our sense 4 Channel/4 Camera CCTV System will feature four cameras that will record incidents simultaneously. This will ensure you cover all corners of your premises well. The cameras that we will install in your premises are powerful cameras that will enable you enjoy great vision in both day and night.

You will access clear images from a distance of 50 meters from where the cameras will be installed even during dark nights. This is due to the cameras that employ high technology which we will have in place.

You will not be stressed on how to access accurate footage of what may have went on around your premises for you to track down the criminals. Most of the people whom we have served since we started our operation have been able to access clear images which they used to trace criminal activities that may have happened near their premises.

You will even scare away potential law breakers because they will know you have a system which you will use to identify them.

We Will Fully Train You on the System

We provide the best installation services. Before we start the installation process, we will first assess the area and know the best system that will work. We will ensure we have decided on the best system that will utilise the least number of cameras and cables which will be laid to connect the system.

After we realise that 4 Channel/4 Camera CCTV System is the best one for you, we will then install it in a professional way. This will ensure you enjoy great success in monitoring your area of interest. In order to leave you with peace of mind when you are fully aware on how the system works, we will take about 15 to 30 minutes to explain how to work the new system.

Even if you have never installed the system before, you will be assured of the best services after you decide to work with us. We will explain everything and make it very easy for you to know how the system works and the necessary steps you need for you to prevent any incident that you may capture on the cameras from exposing you to more lose.

For example, you will know how to alert the police or download footage for you to use as evidence and track down the criminals.

Automated Hard Drive Recording

Our 4 Channel/4 Camera CCTV System will come with a standard 1 terabyte hard disk. This will enable you record footage for a period of about one month. In case you will like to have more recording space, you can also opt to upgrade to 2 or even 3 terabytes. The interconnected DVR which we will offer you will enable capturing of clear images via the CCTVs.

Remote View over the Internet

Sense CCTV

After you decide on Sense CCTV, you will not be worried about the security of your premises where you have stored your valuables. You will easily access footage from remote places vial web browser, android devices iPhone or any other device that will support internet connection. Each system that we offer we set up remote viewing settings free of charge.

This is to ensure our customers are left with systems that will serve them well. With our system you can also decide to download footage and use it as evidence to prove incidences in your premises.

Optional LCD monitor if necessary

When you decide on us as your best company for you to access 4 Channel/4 Camera CCTV System from, we will offer you an optional HD TV cable adapter for you to connect the system to your TV. The TV should have a VGA or HDMI port. We will leave you with the option of deciding on your best screen for you to include in the system.

Practical Motion Detection Set Up

In order to ensure we utilise disk space well, all our four cameras which will come with the system will only start recording after they sense motion near your premises. This will ensure you capture footage that is relevant for you to asses and put the necessary security measures in place. 

Clean Installation at all times

There is no day you will be left with a dirty environment after you decide to contact us for the installation services. We will come when equipped with our dust bins where we will collect all dust and depose it safely. All holes that will be made while offering you the insulation services we will seal them for you to stay in a clean environment.

What is not included:

Our standard 4 Channel/4 Camera CCTV System will not include the following components:

  • LCD Monitor (Optional) or Roku device
  • Monitor brackets and accessories
  • Zoom cameras (Optional)
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR)
  • PTZ cameras (Optional) 
  • Camera housings
  • Extra distance lenses
  • Ongoing maintenance as it is a paid service

It is very easy for you to place an order. Just call our customer care specialists on 0800 689 0159 and they will help you on how you will easily place an order. We have several systems in place, just take your time and decide on the best system which will guarantee you great services.

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