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6 High Quality HD Cameras Fitted

Our 6-camera HD CCTV system is a great intruder deterrent and you can keep an eye on other parts of your surrounding.

After assessing your security needs, we may decide on our 6 Channel/6 Camera CCTV system as the best system that will offer you maximum coverage. In such a case we will offer you the best CCTV installation services which will ensure you realise the value for your money.

Our system will include the following features:

Home System: £1,300

  • One 6 Channel DVR with 8 channels
  • One pre-installed 1TB HDD for up to one month recording
  • 6 x HD Cameras
  • 20m with Night Vision on infrared LED's
  • H.264 with the latest recording technology
  • HDMI Output for monitor
  • Transfer evidence to USB flash drive
  • Web / Smartphone with remote viewing and playback
  • 2 Year warranty

CCTV Installation with Great Aftercare

After we decide on our 6 Channel/6 Camera CCTV System as the best system for you to have, we will install it in a professional way. All the systems that we offer employ the latest technology. This will ensure you capture clear images both during the day and night.

This will lead you to achieving the best services when it comes to improving the security of your business premises or home. Our systems will sense motion and start recording from distances of up to 30 meters from your premises. This will ensure you achieve the best surveillance services.

With our system you will capture footage that will show you the exact time when the incident occurred in your premises for you to easily track down those involved. 

Planning and Training

You will not be stressed on how to download footage for you to analyse or view from remote locations. Our professionals will take time and explain to you on how the system works before they leave your premises. This will ensure you understand how the system work fully.

You will be introduced to different operations of the system such as downloading footage, viewing incidents from remote locations among other operations of the system. Even if the system will appear complex to you at first, we will make things very easy for you.

This is because our CCTV technicians understand how the system works hence they will ensure you get the basics right for you to operate it at your own convenience.

One 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Ready

All our standard systems will include 1 terabyte hard disk space. But, you will be free to add more hard drive space up to 3 terabytes in case you need more recording space. The system that we will offer you will be interconnected with DVR and 6 cameras. This will allow you to capture and store videos for you to retrieve at any time and use them as evidence.

Remote View for IPhone, Android, PC and Mac

Sense CCTV

After you order DVR insulation services from our company, we will offer you free remote set up services. This will ensure you view footage from remote places. After we have set up remote viewing settings on your system, you will view incidents as they happen from remote places provided you have devices such as iPhone, laptops and any other device that is internet enabled.

You can as well decide to download files for you to watch later from remote locations.

LCD monitor can be purchased

Our systems do not come with monitors, you will be free to provide your preferred monitor and we will incorporate it in the system. You should ensure the monitor has VGA or HDMI port were we will connect the system. We will also offer you an optional adapter for you to use in connecting your HD TV to the system.

We Provide Motion Detection Systems

In order to ensure we save space in your system, all the 6 cameras that we will install will start recording after they sense motion. This will ensure you only have relevant footage for you to assess. Our cameras are very strong, they will start recording incidents after they sense motion from a distance of as far as 25 meters from your premises.

Even if it is at night, the cameras will sense the motion and record crystal clear images. This is due to the technology that they employ.

We Are Alway Nice and Clean

We are always cautious not to pollute the environment. We will collect all dirt that will be developed during the installation process and dispose it safely. In case there are holes that may have been made while trying to lay cables, we will seal them with silicone sealant to ensure you are left with a premise that is free from holes where pest can take advantage and gain access to your premises where they can cause damage.

All the cables that we will lay we will ensure they are tight. This will prevent cases where the cables will be cut by accident rendering you system less effective in capturing all incidents that may happen near your premises.

What is not included in the installation?

There are some components which you may need during the installation process but they will not be included in our standard installation package. This is to allow our customers suggest their most suitable components. We know each customer will like to have a unique system, we will provide the standard system and let the customers provide their components for them to have the best system in place. Some of the components that will not be included consist of the following:

  • An LCD Monitor (Optional your or ours)
  • Monitor brackets and accessories
  • 10x or up to 32x Zoom cameras (Optional)
  • PTZ moving cameras (Optional)
  • Camera housings
  • Extra distance lenses
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras
  • Ongoing annual maintenance

We will ensure you enjoy great services out of the system. For example, we will offer you one year maintenance cover among other privileges. As a company we have been fully insured to offer the services. We will ensure we work in your premises and offer you the best 6 Channel/6 Camera CCTV System which will capture every detail.

For you to easily order our services, just call us on 0800 689 0159. You will be received by our highly qualified specialists who will offer you the help you need to access our quality services.

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