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Sense Pro 8 Large: Protect Your Home With The Sense Pro 1.3MP HD Cameras

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8 High Quality HD Cameras Fitted

Our eight-camera system can be use for larger homes and small businesses because they do cover quite a lot of areas. This system is perfect for detached houses and busy retail shop.

Home System: £1500 in VAT

  • One 8 Channel DVR with 8 channels
  • One pre-installed 1TB HDD for up to one month recording
  • 8 x 1.3 MP HD Cameras
  • 20m with Night Vision on infrared LED's
  • H.264 with the latest recording technology
  • HDMI Output for monitor
  • Transfer evidence to USB flash drive
  • Web / Smartphone with remote viewing and playback
  • 2 Year warranty

Our video recorders and security DVR’s allow you to record many days’ worth of images, all available for review, evidence, and documentation.

Be it is a residential application like viewing the room an elderly person or commercial application as a store, it can be done and done economically if you trust Sense CCTV to lead the way. Regardless, Sense CCTV gives you two channels up to 16 channel system. Its surveillance experience adds tremendous value in many areas. 

Sense CCTV 8 Channels system specification

With Sense CCTV 8 Channels, you can use the digital video recorders to connect with CCTV security systems and record what the CCTV cameras see or play it back at a later date. It also has the following specifications; All Sense CCTV systems provide remote viewing, enabling you to view home footage remotely either from a computer, tablet or your smartphone.

With a ten year experience in the industry, we have gathered enough knowledge and necessary expertise to ensure that we provide 100% quality products and services to our clients. We are always informed and ready to embrace any surveillance-related technology that will help serve our clients. We embrace the latest technology and systems to provide our services.

One of the systems that is currently trending and liked by most of our clients is the Sense CCTV 8 Channel/8 Camera System. 

Sense Pro Full System Installation

This system features an 8 Channel network video recorder for high-quality real-time recording and 3TB pre-installed HDD. The system also has a Peer to Peer easy network connections software with an HDMI & VGA output. It allows web and smartphone remote viewing. We can survey your business or home and recommend a system that is custom designed and based on your needs, situations, and budget.

Apart from the Sense CCTV 8 Channel, we can provide options to consider and provide an analysis if you have an existing system. 

This system can let you monitor your property and survey up to 25 meters during the night. It’s an easy way to track down criminals and any suspicious activity around your business premises or at home. Its simplicity and the range it can collect enough data can help in case you want the data as evidence or a re-visit of the previous events. 

Sense On-Site Planning and Training

Sense CCTV has always been dedicated to continuous and complete improvements in quality and service. Our CIA and SSIAB certification serves as a major milestone of this journey. Certification means that we have an internationally recognized quality management system. To ensure that our clients are updated and aware of the latest technology, we guide them through strategic camera locations in their property.

Additionally, we provide detailed training of the Sense CCTV systems, thereby making you to easily and conveniently use the systems.

Excellent Hard Drive Recording

For standard qualities that can serve every customer in a comfortable way, our systems have a one terabyte HDD hard drive for up to a month recording time. This is a suitable way to serve and store several footage for more than a month. However, depending on your needs and preference, you can also upgrade to a 4 or 5 terabyte hard drive for longer recording times.

Your CCTV can also be able to capture footage and images easily thanks to the interconnected DVR recorder and 8 CCTV cameras.

Remote View anywhere in the world

Sense Pro 8

Our DVR comes with a remote viewing set up capabilities that are free of charge. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy getting services from your camera footage in any mobile device. The iPhone, Android phones and Web browsers are some the devices that support remote viewing. You also get to enjoy playback, file downloads, USB Flash and Disk transfer to PC or Mac.

Optional LCD monitor if necessary

Most of the current flat screen monitors contain at least a VGA and an HDMI port. This two are paramount when it comes to viewing your recorded footage. You can add the same to your Sense 8 Channel/8 camera system or can get one from us. We also offer an additional adapter for you to connect your own HD TV with the system via Wi-Fi rather than going for a new Monitor.

On The Move Built-in Motion Detection

For better performance and accurate detection, our cameras have been customized to record only when any motion is detected in the surroundings. This is one of the latest technologies that ensures optimum security measures with minimal eras.

Clean Installation with Sense Guarantee

Thousands of customers have called us back to request for extra services or at least congratulate us because of satisfaction. It’s our habit to ensure our working area is clean and tidy during and after any installation. Thorough post-installation clean-up is a must when it comes to ensuring customers safety. We hide cables and fill holes to prevent accidents.

What's not included?

The following are some of the few things that our Sense CCTV 8 Channel/8 Camera System doesn’t include:

LCD Monitor (Optional) Monitor brackets and accessories Zoom cameras (Optional) PTZ cameras (Optional) - Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras Camera housings Extra distance lenses On-going maintenance as it is a paid annual service.

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing surveillance system or to develop an entirely new surveillance system and installation, Sense CCTV is one of the top surveillance companies that will always do an excellent work. We provide tailor-made video surveillance services to meet very specific needs.

Sense CCTV installs fully configured CCTV systems like advanced, Sense Platinum 1080p HD and Sense Pro-Series.

Sense CCTV has provided high-quality surveillance cameras and systems for commercial, healthcare, residential and industrial clients for more than ten years.

Talk to a professional or call 0800 689 0159 today for a free estimate on your CCTV camera project. 

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