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About Sense CCTV

About Sense CCTV

Sense CCTV is one of the rapidly growing surveillance companies operating in Scotland.

As well as in some parts of Northern England.

Since its inception in February 2014, the company has seen a massive expansion in its operations having served numerous clients within the region mentioned above. 

The company was founded by a team that is genuinely passionate about technology and security systems. It is no surprise that settling for selling good quality CCTV systems was such an easy one, and with that Sense CCTV was born.

Here, we love addressing the various existing security needs today, and delight in having our customers live in safer environments. 

Our services serve a worldwide audiance, and this mainly entails both the UK and Canada, Australia and North and South America. However, as earlier mentioned, our CCTV kits can travel all over the world and will be more than happy serve our esteemed customers. 

Why Sense CCTV?

Let's admit it, most of the time when we think of burglary, or any other terrible experience as something that hits others and not us.

Unfortunately, anyone can be prone to these misfortunes and thus it is imperative that you are ready for it if such an occurrence happens to you in future.

For the case of burglary or theft, an excellent precautionary measure would be to install security systems such as CCTV. With these in place, you stand to benefit in several ways;

  • You will be able to monitor all activities within and outside your premises all through the day. Remember this can even be done remotely using your smartphone or computer.

  • Monitor any incidents and movements taking place while away from the premises.

  • You can use the files collected by the systems as visual evidence in the event of a dispute or case to settle. 

  • Monitor your customers and customer service attendants.

  • The system can also come in handy when keeping an eye on children or the elderly back at home.

As a business owner, the system will help reduce cases of theft at the business which is the chief cause of a majority of financial losses today.

The systems help you identify shoplifters or dishonest employees.

Our aim

"Sense CCTV aims to continue growing even more exponentially and eyes to become one of the most trusted security compay in Britain, within the next five years. We also target to have our reputation broadcasted to all other parts of the world as we seek to assist anyone in need of enhanced security for their homes and/or businesses."

Our Main Customers

Our primary target customers are;

  • Domestic homes

  • Retail shops

  • Hotels and restaurants

  • Factories

  • Takeaway shops

  • Pubs, etc.

What Sense CCTV Provide?

In a bid to offer some of the most competitive security installation packages in the industry today, the following are some of the main products and services that our standard packages entail;

  • To begin with, all our installation equipment use the latest technology in the industry.

  • The standard package comes with a high-quality analogue CCTV systems that make use of between 2 and 16 cameras. However, we can upgrade that for you to full 1080p HD CCTV systems with an allowance of between 2 and 16 cameras.

  • We also provide security systems that use PTZ cameras, and which are capable of providing a 360 degree  view of the specified area. This package can also include a Remote View Software that helps you track all activities and recordings remotely.

  • We can also provide cameras capable of zooming up to 32 times and which can better capture faces and number plates from a distance. 

  • We'll provide a free site survey to determine the appropriate camera positions. This can also entail determining the position of the DVR, although this is mainly targeted at large commercial projects that use up to cameras.

Free Remote View App Included

  • Remote view setup is provided freely to all our customers which mean that they can view their camera activities over the Internet from wherever they are.

  • We will also provide a full on-site training regarding how to get the best out of your system. This includes a provision for a personalised session with our customer to ensure that they fully understand how their systems work.

  • The security systems come with a one year warranty. During this period, any repair will be done freely, and a guarantee for its breakdown offered.

  • You will also benefit from our over the phone support services in case you experience a breakdown that urgently needs a fix.

  • We will provide you with professional advice regarding how to reduce crime, security and other specialised information on the systems.

  • Remote download service of evidence will be provided at a nominal fee of only £10. This service enables you quickly download a file and send it to the relevant address. 

Why Our Customers Love Us?

In addition to all the unique characteristic and services provided by our company, the following are some of the additional factors that make us one of the best security installation companies in the region;

  • Free remote view set app with every CCTV kit

  • Easy to install camera kits

  • 1-year warranty on all systems

  • Our team is comprised of only approved CCTV installers with years of experience in the field.

  • Free delivery and returns worldwide

  • We have a 30-day returns policy in place
  • We offer full support for our systems and provide comprehensive user manuals

  • Any problems, talk to us and we'll fix it if we can

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