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Sense CCTV Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Our primary objective here at Sense CCTV is to ensure that our customers are protected at all times, and safeguarding your information is no exceptional. Any cookies used on our site, therefore, will not in any way contain identifiable information specific to you. Rather, we use them to assist us in making your visits to our website more pleasant. For this reason, we feel that there is a need to expound more on them and subsequently specify the Sense CCTV Cookie Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files that some of the websites put on your computer or mobile device on your initial visit to that site or page. Their main role is to help the site recognise your device any other time you visit in future. Certain forms of cookies carry personal information. For example, you may have seen websites that prompt you to “remember me” when signing in, in this case meaning that the cookie has stored your username. However, it is important to understand that most cookies will not collect information for purposes of identifying you. Rather, they help provide us with more general information such as how various users arrive at or use our website and the user’s general location among others.

Cookies for improved user experience

As earlier mentioned, cookies are considered to be highly important by Sense CCTV, providing us with valuable information about our customers. In return, the company can then understand the various customer needs as analysed from the information collected. This means that we can initiate several alterations to the site in an attempt to ensure you enjoy improved experiences in your subsequent visits. For example, you will save time by not having to feed your details again every time you visit our site. Besides, you will only receive the most pertinent information from Sense CCTV

Types of cookies

Primarily, our website uses three main types of cookies;

Session cookies

These are stored temporarily, usually for the period that a customer’s session at the site lasts. They are immediately deleted after the browsing session is terminated. 

Persistent cookies

They are retained after the first visit and are saved on your computer or mobile device for a specified duration, usually a year or longer. The main reason we use this type of cookies is to assist us in collecting information we cannot get in a single visit, for example, your preferences.

Both session and persistent cookies (our own cookies) assist us in;

  • Determining if our users are logged in or not
  • Keeping memory of your search settings
  • Allowing the user to add comment while on the site

Third party cookies

These are set and used on our website by our official business partners and other 3rd-parties such Google, Facebook and Twitter among others. Typically, these cookies can either fall under the session or persistent cookies category. Additionally, they could also make use of various technologies ranging from JavaScript and Flash among others. Google Analytics, for example, is a tool we install to help us track and compile statistics of the customers visiting our site. The tool collects various forms of information such as traffic volume, and the type of browsers visitors may be using when coming to our site. You will agree that this is valuable information to us in several ways and may help us improve the site’s security, load speed, usability and any other aspect that may enhance your experience with us. 

Other types of cookies

Shopping cart cookies

A part of our website makes use of a web forms technology, entailing a shopping cart. For this technology, cookies may come in play although they can easily be disabled from your browser. However, disabling cookies in the transactional area may hinder you from making an order/purchase since they are important in the overall transaction process and for purposes of security.

Flash cookies

These cookies are crucial particularly in sites that make use of Flash technology. You stand to benefit from such cookies since they help make subsequent visits to the site quicker and easier. Here at Sense CCTV, we may occasionally use Flash files to allow integration with some of the essential third parties such as YouTube and Adobe Flash Player. You realize that these are crucial components that are only meant to offer you a richer user experience.

Your consent regarding the deployment of cookies by our site

You may have noted that upon your initial visit to the Sense CCTV website, there’s a banner acquainting you to the use of cookies on our site. We do this in compliance with the 2011 EU Cookie Law, which means that we assume you've allowed our website to deploy cookies until the moment you opt out or deactivate them. By default, most browsers will automatically permit websites deploying cookies to do so on your browsing device. For more and updated information on this, check out for the EU Cookie Law for advice and other guidelines.

Can you block our website’s cookies?

Yes. However, it is important for you to understand in advance that doing so may negatively impact your user experience within our site. You may have to endure poor navigation and even work with non-functional sections of the site. Nonetheless, if you feel that you still need to do away with the cookies, a few options are available for the procedure of opting out.

  • The simplest method of switching the cookies off is by adjusting the settings in your web browser in a bid to stop it from accepting any cookies in future.
  • You may also install some anti-spyware programs that consider cookies as a type of spyware. These programs delete these cookies automatically as they consider them to be invasive.
  • For flash cookies, you will begin by going to the settings manager of your Adobe Flash Player. This will direct you to the Adobe site that lists the site deploying the cookies to your web browser. You can then disable the relevant website from there.

For more information about deleting cookies and other related aspects, please visit to learn more on the same.

Please be informed that Sense CCTV installation will not use the cookies deployed by our website to gather any personally identifiable data about you. It is also important to reiterate that restricting the cookies significantly impacts on the functionality and usability of our website.