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Terms and Conditions

Agreement Acceptance

The following Terms and Conditions of Trading set down the conditions by which Sense CCTV will offer services and goods for the supply of CCTV equipment and services to the client or to any 3rd party on behalf of the client.

By accepting these terms and conditions the parties consent to be bound by this agreement. 

Where the client issues an instruction to continue with the provision of CCTV equipment and/or services, but does not return a signed-copy of the sales acceptance document within five working days from the time we have commenced the work, the client shall be considered to have established his/her consent to be bound by this Agreement. 

Price Quotation

All the estimates are valid for 30 days – otherwise the prices are subject to those ruling on the delivery date. All the estimates of costs of services are based on normal-working hours. The quoted prices don’t include relaying of carpets or re-decoration or any other kind of work other than that stated within the company’s sales agreement.


1. A deposit of 50 percent of the agreed cost of the work will be required when the installation order is placed.

2. The balance is due immediately upon the completion of the work by our technician.

3. Payment is by cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer. The payment should be completed before the technician leaves the property. 

4. Any additional labour that’s requested by the customer during any installation is going to be charged for separately and it will be based on the agreement between the customer and our technician.

5. Trunking, cabling and conduiting is always quoted as an estimate. Any additional trunking, cabling, or conduiting that maybe required during the process of installation is payable on order.

6. All materials remain and equipment the property of Sense CCTV until they’re fully paid for.

7. All prices are subject to change and no liability is taken for errors on our printing materials or our website.

Delivery and Installation

Sense CCTV will endeavour to deliver or/and complete the installation of the security systems as soon after the receipt of an order as is possible, but cannot accept any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any claim that may arise in connection with any delay in the completion or delivery howsoever caused.


Access to the client’s premises will be made available to Sense CCTV employees engaged on the CCTV system at times during standard working hours. All visits will be by appointment.

If Sense CCTV is prevented from finishing all such work during standard working hours then Sense CCTV reserves the right to make a charge for any extra cost involved.

Installation Terms And Equipment Responsibilities:

1. All the CCTV systems that are installed by Sense CCTV carry a warranty, two years for the DVR and three years for the cameras. Each system is tested to British and European Standards. The following are what we cover with the one year service agreement:

  • DVR recorder and Cameras 
  • System and hard drive failure under the one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Connections and cables 
  • External attachments and camera housings 
  • PTZ malfunctions

2. Once the CCTV equipment and materials have been delivered, it’s the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safe storage of the equipment and materials that are now owned by the customer during the installation period.

3. If any CCTV equipment is found to be having defects during the period of installation, we will replace it with new stock. This is on condition that the CCTV equipment hasn’t been tampered with by the customer or any other third party. 

4. We’ll install colored PVC covert trunking as required during the installation but if it’s damaged we’ll not be made liable.

5. Once the CCTV equipment has been installed and has been signed off by our customers. The customer takes full-responsibility for the safety of the installed CCTV equipment that our technician isn’t directly working on anymore.

6. All equipment is checked in advance and no warranty is going to be given for user vandalism or accidental damages of any kind.

7. It’s the responsibility of the customer to provide electrical power points, a suitable internet connection and all conduit piping, that are close enough for the CCTV equipment. These items can be quoted for separately by Sense CCTV if this is needed by the customer.

8. Call out charges may apply if:

  • Systems faults after one year – We offer our clients an aftercare package.
  • Weather moving the CCTV cameras – we aren’t to blame.
  • Remote view faults that wasn’t caused by us.
  • Remote view faults - If the Internet provider (Talk-Talk, Virgin, Sky or any other broadband provider goes down for any reason.
  • We’ll provide full guides on how to setup other devices.
  • Power failure on site.
  • PTZ malfunction not caused by Sense CCTV.
  • System and hard drive failure not cause by us.
  • Accidental damages to CCTV equipment such as cameras or DVR – Water damage or any other kind of vandalism.
  • We don’t cover theft of your surveillance equipment.

Third Party Costs

The client shall be responsible for any charges that are raised by the network provider, Fire Authority, Police or any other third party that is involved in the provision of support services to the subscriber resulting from the CCTV security system.

Cancellation Right

We will fully refund you if you decide to cancel your order within 4 working days before the installation date. If you cancel your order within 5 working days before your installation date, you’ll be charged travelling expenses and any other expenses that may arise.

Changes To The Agreed Specifications/Delays

The cost of any changes, variation in the agreed specifications or extra work required by the client will only be carried out after an agreement has been written between the parties. 

Any costs that are incurred by Sense CCTV resulting from delays to complete the installation of a CCTV system caused by the client, sub-contractor or contractor engaged on behalf of or by the client then Sense CCTV reserves the right to make an extra charge for the extra time.

Additional Requests And Extras

Should any customer request additional items or request that the installation be modified in any way from our standard method of install, then we shall submit a verbal or written quotation for the extras for approval. The customer will need to agree on the bill before work can proceed.

Termination for Breach of Agreement

If the client shall commit any breach of this terms & conditions agreement or any payment in arrears Sense CCTV may immediately by a written notice to the client determine this agreement without prejudice to its right to recover any amount of payment that is due through legal action and Sense CCTV shall forthwith at its discretion be entitled to terminate any agreement that may exist with the client.


No representations, terms, variations or additions other than those that embodied in this agreement shall be binding upon Sense CCTV unless accepted by Sense CCTV in writing.

Any conditions or terms contained in a client’s order shall only be binding upon Sense CCTV in so far as they aren’t inconsistent with the above conditions and don’t remove any of the rights of this company that are under this agreement.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland and England.