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Two Camera CCTV Kits

View During The Day

1.3mp CCTV home camera day time

Same Camera on Night Vision

2 High Quality HD Cameras Fitted

Holding a ten years experience in the industry, we at Sense CCTV recognize the significance of your security and the different preferences and requirements of our clients. To provide you with the best-in-class technology and surveillance services, we offer the Sense Pro Two camera CCTV system.

Home System: £600

  • Package Includes Equipment and Installation
  • One 4 Channel DVR with 2 Spare Channels
  • One 1TB HDD for up to Two Month Recording
  • 2 Sense Pro x 1080p 1.3MP HD Cameras
  • 20m with Day/Night Vision on Infrared LED's
  • 12v Power Supply, Pro HD Cabling
  • 1 HDMI Refurbished Monitor
  • Transfer Evidence to USB Flash Drive
  • Web / Smartphone with Remote Viewing and Playback on Android, PC or MAC
  • 2 Year Camera & System Warranty

Full System Installation with Aftercare

The Sense Pro two camera CCTV system features a four channel video recorder for high quality real-time recording. The system is just perfect for back and front door surveillance with the four High Quality Day/Night HD quality bullet or dome cameras - White, Gray or Black installed in your property. The night vision cameras let you record nearly a month long day and night footage.

With a view of up to 50 metres at night, tracking down criminal or suspicious activities around your home or workplace is extremely easy, which is made even more precise by providing the exact time and circumstances of the crime.

On-Site Planning and Training

To ensure an optimal security system, we guide our clients through strategic camera locations in the property. Also, we provide you a detailed training of the Sense Pro two camera CCTV system, thereby making you able to work with the system conveniently and quickly.

Local 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

A 1 terabyte HDD hard drive is included in our standard systems to enable on-site recording for upto one month, which can be upgraded to a 2 or 3 terabyte hard drive. The system is equipped with interconnected DVR recorder and CCTV cameras to record the CCTV captures.

Remote View over the Internet

Sense Pro 2

The DVR is accompanied by remote viewing set up, absolutely free of charge. No matter where you are, you van view the camera footage from an iPhone, an Android Device or a PC Web Browse. Also, you can play it back or download the files and copy them to disk, USB flash drives for viewing later on a computer.

Optional LCD monitor if necessary

If your flat screen monitor includes an HDMI or VGA port for viewing, you can add the same to your Sense Pro two camera CCTV system or can get one from us. An optional adapter is offered by us to connect your own HD TV with the system via Wi-Fi and view your cameras on your own HD TV, even in other locations where you have other HD TV's. (Please note: one Roku device for each TV).

Motion Detection as a space saver

The cameras record only when any motion is detected in the surroundings, thereby saving disk space and ensuring a better performance.

Clean workmanship

We make sure that you get a tidy installation service without any extra hanging wires. We perform a thorough post-installation clean up and hide cables with trunking and junction boxes. Silicon sealants and weatherproof covers are used to fill all the external holes.

Whats not included:

Our standard installation of the Sense Pro two camera CCTV system does not include :

  • Monitor brackets and accessories
  • Zoom cameras (Optional)
  • PTZ cameras (Optional) - Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras
  • Camera housings
  • Extra distance lenses
  • On going maintenance as it is a paid service

We ensure you of a fully guaranteed high quality Sense Pro two camera CCTV system with one year maintenance cover. Approved, insured and certified, we avoid any unjustifiable delays in providing you with cost effective products and services. Sense CCTV installs fully configuration CCTV systems including advanced, Sense Platinum1080p HD and Sense Pro-Series.

To purchase your Sense Pro two camera CCTV system or other surveillance products and services, feel free to contact us and speak to our dedicated customer service team.